Annual Festival : Margasiramasam Sambaralu starts from 27-Nov-2019 onwards
Annual Festival: (Margasira Masa Sambaralu)

The Annual Festival in the Devasthanam is Margasiramasa Mahothsavam, which is one month festival. Devotees come and worship Goddess Sri Kanaka Maha Lakshmi Ammavaru in large number during the month of Margasira. The number of devotees that worship her during this month exceeds the number of devotees that worship Her in the remaining eleven months. There will be huge congregation of devotees/pilgrims coming not only from different parts of the State and also from neighboring states. Large number of devotees would visit the temple during Margasiramasa Mahothsvam for darshan, particularly on Thursdays. Thursday is states to be very auspicious to the Goddess. An amount of Rs. 7,500/- is fixed to be collected for each puja by allowing two persons to perform Panchamruthabhishekam to the Goddess. During the remaining days,(except monday & tuesday) an amount of Rs. 2500/- is fixed to be collected for the same puja. on Tuesdays Puja remain will be Rs.1,116/-. The other important feature is Maladharana. The Maladharana is a recent one consisting of Mandala Deeksha and Margasira Deeksha to seek the blessings of the Goddess. This temple festival is very unique one, where much preference is given to Annadanam. The staunch belief of the devotees here is that they should partake in Annadanam and they would like to take meal(s). Every year, during one month festival, nearly 300 persons are to be fed daily; 600 people are to be fed on Thursdays on Saswatha Annadanam and approximately 10 thousand people are to be fed on the last day of the festival by collecting donations from the philanthropists. Elaborate arrangements are made by the Devasthanam for the convenience of the visiting pilgrims for darshan and worship of Goddess and for Annadanam during the festive days, Apart from this , there will be cultural programmes, religious discourses, Harikatha Kalakshepams and Veda Sabha during festive days. All precautionary measures will be taken for peaceful and successful conduction of the festival with the support of the District officials.

Margasira masam festival 2019 on 27 Nov 2019 to 26 Dec 2019
Auspicious days

28-11-2019 - 1st Thursday

 05-12-2019 - 2nd Thursday

12-12-2019 - 3rd Thursday

19-12-2019 - 4th Thursday

26-12-2019 - 5th Thursday

Vedasabha - 15-12-2019 Sunday

Radha Yatra  - 21-12-2019 Saturday from 4.00 PM.

Archaka Sadhassu - 22-12-2019 Sunday

Maha Annadhanam - 19-12-2019- Thursday

Sahasra Ghatabhisekham - 26-12-2019- Thursday

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